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Here's what people are saying about working with Sara:

“We're really happy with your work and feel SONIKJean, Inc. and the Buenrostros are well described and represented in the press releases you wrote for us.
We are completely overwhelmed with shipping our Spring/Summer season's children’s fashions – due in much part to the success of our fashion week in New York City. Thank you so much for doing so much for us! We look forward to working with you again!”

Darla and Carlos Buenrostro,


“Thank you so much for your work on my profile for my real estate business. You are awesome. I really loved the changes you made. I would buy a house from me anytime based on what you wrote.”

Adrienne Brennan, Strada Properties

“If you have a need for a top-flight writer and/or editor, I would suggest you call Sara Pentz.  Sara has been the Senior Editor of Grand Tour Magazine and other publications.  She would be a terrific addition if you have a need. Over the years, Sara has been a successful feature writer, TV reporter, magazine editor, etc. etc.  She is extremely thorough and a wonderful person with whom to work.  I have no idea what you might need, but Sara would be a terrific addition as she is an outstanding team player. She is a very down to earth, easy to work with and extremely conscientious.

Chuck Miller, Travel Writer/Golf Columnist/Speaker


“Sara, I wouldn’t change anything or ask you to rework what you have written as an eNewsletter promoting my website.  It is exciting to see what you wrote with only a visit to my website and very little input from me.  I really like what you have done.  Thank you.”

Colene Schwandt,


“I really like the mood you created for the video scripts. This was really quick and again you have managed to capture a strong visual.”

Linda Yadao,  YNR Marketing


“Thank you for your excellent work advising me about my website,, and all your public relations efforts for my company. I have to tell you how much I enjoy working with you. You're a rock that I can lean on. I value you as a team player and appreciate your contributions—you do fabulous work and I've heard all sorts of great comments regarding the press releases you wrote for us. I have also heard only wonderful comments on the writing and structure—very effective. Congrats and thank you. We have over 400,000 monthly hits to our site since we launched last year.”

Liz Rooney, President,  Rodney Rooney Productions, Inc.,


"Sara Pentz possesses one of the greatest combinations of positive personal energy and marketing acumen. Sara has worked with me and my firm helping to train part of an 84,000 people team for Ernst&Young in the midst of a critical new product launch. She is thorough, warm and professional. A perfect colleague and communicator."

Gary Szenderski,
ERGO Brand Development/Advertising
15251 Barranca Parkway, Irvine, CA 92618


"Our relationship and the editing that you have done for my articles have been excellent. You have managed to capture the essence of my business with ease and clarity. Thank you."

Jim Madrid, President/Founder
Entelechy Training & Development,

"I have enjoyed working with you, Sara, and with your graphic designers and
proofers. The quality of the organization and wording presented on my website is
so well done. Thank you for that. Your press releases, and your help with PR for
me on my China adventure with the Olympic Committee (sometimes with very short
notice), will bring me much new business - and I appreciate that."

Bruce Winsatt, President/Founder
Winmoore, Inc.,



 Sara Pentz
2211 Broadway 
New York, NY 10024
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