What Are Press Kits?

Comprehensive Press Kit Includes

  • News release (the 'news' story)
  • Company profile, background, history
  • Resumes and photos of principals
  • Corporate strategies or mission statement
  • Financial statements, if a public company Company's
    printed materials including marketing collateral, promotionals,
    ads, commercials, and others
  • Press clippings about past events relating to the company, employee's activities, awards, honors, and non-profit activities
  • Copies of speeches and/or informative quotes from key executives Testimonials from agents, users, governmental officials, businessmen, subcontractors, competitors
    Schedule of upcoming events, speaking engagements, public appearances, trade shows List of other marketing collateral "available upon request" including videos and audio tapes, CD-ROMs, etc.

Background PR Materials Needed

What Client is to collect for http://www.my-press-release.com in preparation for writing press release(s)
current or past press releases, press kits prepared by client

  • press clippings
  • brochures
  • ads
  • promotional materials
  • history of company, facts
  • body text of any letters sent to potential clients which describe the company and working of the company
  • resumes of executives
  • company's organizational chart
  • testimonials from clients, agents, business associates, etc. - if there are none -- Sara can get them from the
  • company for an additional fee of the phone interview @ $100
  • list of awards received by company or any executives of company
  • photos of any events, history, executives
  • name of contact person at company, address, email, phone, fax, etc.
  • web site address
  • anything the company has which might be helpful and is not mentioned on this list

Client's Targeted Media Wish List

  • Client to create a list of all publications, electronic media, written press which is relative to the business, directly or indirectly.
  • General interest (Life, Ladies Home Journal, etc.)
  • Special interest (Seventeen, Runner's World, etc)
  • Industry (Business Week, Entrepreneur Magazine, etc) ** Trade (The Cotton Journal, etc)
  • Specific international, national, regional, local newspapers/magazines - this should include local publications
  • or media in about a 10 miles area of the headquarters of the business.
  • Radio/TV (be specific and say why)
  • Newsletters - includes newsletters or journals for company's subcontractors, or related and interested businesses - client's personnel to collect all newsletters, local papers which they see in their everyday travels (apartment complexes, waiting rooms, etc.)
  • Internet - client's web site - other related or friendly web sites which might be interested in the 'news'
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