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What is Your News? Absolutely anything which can call attention to your Company.
Research it. Then announce it.

Here are some sample news subjects:

  • New technology which gives a competitive edge.

  • Major achievements in products/services/markets.

  • Changes in company’s size, corporate structure, revenue, sales and number of employees, location, headquarters, offices/plants.

  • Tangible/intangible ways the public benefits from new products, services.

  • Technology introduced for easier operation, lower cost, added product life.

  • Commemorate a business anniversary; make activities newsworthy.

  • How company compares to others in industry in revenues, sales, number of employees and other benchmarks.

  • Changes in corporate identity, logo, advertising campaigns, ad/marketing agencies.

  • Layoffs; must be part of crisis management plan.

  • New promotions, new hires, new partnerships, new anything.

  • Changes in service categories such as marketing communications, litigation, training.

  • New product introduction.

  • Geographic, demographic and psychographic characteristics of prospective customers.

  • Announcements of new business-to-business and/or consumer segments served.

  • Increase (decrease) in the percent of a market, based on revenues.

  • Milestones: Years in business, marking the one-millionth customer or product.

  • New technological capabilities.

  • Percent growth: Increase in revenues from the previous year.

  • Total revenue generated, annual report, stock market information.

  • Special Events: List of planned activities to commemorate a special occasion (Social gatherings, displays, presentations, contests, celebrity appearances, etc.).

  • Most marketable features of the new product and/or service.

  • Editorials commentary on political programs, social activities, events which will affect the business.

  • Reflective comments for bylined feature articles: how and why customers, clients will benefit from the action, service, etc..

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