Sara Pentz, TV news reporter and magazine editor, is your writer and public relations consultant. We have compiled some background on how, why and when to write a press release. It’s pretty simple. If you have news – tell it!

What may not be as simple is the actual writing of the press release or media kit. Sara has been writing press releases for the past 20 years. You can find samples of them here at this website. Throughout her profession Sara has received hundreds upon thousands of press releases. Many of them were badly written. They did not tell the essential details that are necessary for a journalist to find the information worthy of a news or feature story.

Sara has taught press release writing for home-based business conferences, trade shows and master class at universities. She has worked with many small business owners demonstrating for them how to create media coverage with a single press release.

We have compiled links on this site that will help you know if and when you have a good news story. News Principles explains the importance of the five Ws. There are links to pages where you’ll read about the contents of a good press kit, distribution of your release, how to know when you have a good news story, how to write a press release and others. There are links also to some of Sara’s press releases and articles.

Please contact Sara to write your news release. She knows how to tell the facts and get results.




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